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Teeth whitening: Things that will give you a brighter smile

Having a bright smile is one of the best ways one can great a friend or an accomplice. There is no doubt that the brightness of a smile can highly be determined by the appearance of the teeth. Whiter teeth contribute to a brighter smile white creamish or stained teeth will be associated with a dull smile in most cases. Orange Park Dentist says the question is how do I get to have white teeth?

Dental Hygiene

Someone’s dental hygiene is the best way of making and maintaining teeth whiteness. On a daily basis, you need to be brushing and flossing your teeth. Brushing of one’s teeth needs to be done at least twice per day but would be best if it is done after every meal. Brush your teeth early in the morning to reduce the number of bacteria that cause stains in the mouth. By using the most appropriate toothpaste, I recommended the herbal options; you will keep your teeth white.

Flossing is yet another activity that will brighten your smile. Flossing should be done at least once every day. Through flossing, you are able to remove any food residues that remain between the teeth and at the gums thus reducing the possibilities of stains and bacteria action.

Tongue scrapping

With the use of a tongue scrapper, you will be able to remove excess bacteria that camps on your tongue especially in the morning when you wake up. If you don’t have a tongue scrapper, you can always use a spoon. Scrap the upper and lower sides of your tongue and you are safer than a fewer minutes before you did that. Remember, the primary course of any stained or rather colorized teeth is bacteria action. Do as much as possible to ensure that you have removed the many bacteria you can from your mouth.

Mouth rinsing

Just brushing and rinsing your teeth and mouth is never enough. In fact, the two are not able to remove bacteria that have camped deep on the crown of the teeth or in between the gums and the root of the teeth. Rinsing your mouth everyday and if possible after every meal with an appropriate antibiotic mouth rinser is a vital step to ensuring that your teeth remains white for the longest period possible.

Avoid some products

The worst product known to cause tooth staining is tobacco. One of the surest ways of ensuring that you remain with not only a white set of teeth but also a confidence boosting breath is to stop smoking tobacco and marijuana.

Keeping your teeth white is always better than discoloring it before you can start looking for necessary solutions of bringing the whiteness back.

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Most dentist say Many people fail to know that there are some healthy foods for our bodies which at times are not very good for the teeth and gums too. You may be having a good and healthy diet but still end up having cavities. The main problem is the fact that most people, despite eating right, overload when it comes to foods that have acids and those that also have sugar too. This results in the rotting of teeth. This article is going to cover these healthy foods which are not good for the teeth and the gums too.

Fruit Juice
Fruit juices such as pineapple and grapefruit have a lot of sugars in them. The type of sugar that is in these fruit juices is the natural type thus better for our bodies but still contain the bacteria which causes our teeth to decay. The bacteria gobble all the sugars up therefore multiplying in drones hence high risk of tooth decays. These fruit juices also have plenty of acids which always erode the teeth enamels. It is healthy for your teeth to avoid these fruit juices, but if you take them, ensure that you swish water in your mouth then brush your teeth later on just so that the sugars are not left stuck in between the teeth spaces and the gums thus causing cavities.

Dried Fruits

Sultanas, raisins and other dried fruits help a lot in making the body to get anti oxidants which are cancer fighting thus very important. The sugar ratio of these dried fruits is altered which make them not to be healthy for the teeth as the bacteria get a feast on the sugars that are left on the fruit covers. Dried fruits are also very tricky all the time thus they always get stuck in the teeth which can result to giving room for bacteria to stay and eat. This would finally lead to decaying of teeth so it is much healthier to avoid these dried fruits or to have them in very small amounts and making sure to brush the teeth after eating the dried fruits.

Potatoes, Rice and White Bread

The bacteria that are at times in the mouth love lots of sugars and so they prosper in starches such as potatoes, white rice and also white bread. These specific foods turn into a paste that is gluey and it clings onto the teeth, then the bacteria break this down. The only resolution to this is either to avoid having starches or to choose whole grains which are much better.


Yogurt has a lot of sugar and is also very acidic. This acidity and sugar concentration is what the bacteria love a lot. The bacteria then go on and erode the enamel so it is best to simply avoid yogurt or to take it in very low quantities and to brush the teeth after drinking yogurt.



Just as the name suggests, teeth whitening refers to the bleaching of teeth with intent of making them lighter. As much as the process of teeth whitening lightens the teeth’s existing colour, it cannot make teeth completely brilliant white. More and more people today are not content with the existing colour of their teeth and therefore opt to try teeth whitening.

As much as many people may attempt teeth whitening by themselves, it is advisable that they seek the assistance of dentists or other professionals in the field including dental therapists or dental hygienist aided by dentists. This is because teeth whitening should be treated like any other dental procedure which means it requires expert help.

Nowadays however, some salons have started offering teeth whitening illegally. This is not recommended at all since they may expose your oral health to a significant level of risk. However, one may opt to buy home kits for teeth whitening, though these too come with certain risks.

Professional teeth whitening can take various forms. One common procedure of teeth whitening is where a dentist makes a mouthguard resembling your teeth impression and instructs you how to use a bleaching gel with it. This bleaching gel is applied for some time as instructed by the dentist. How long the treatment takes will be determined by the type of gel and for how long it can be left on. Some gels will require four to two weeks whereas others may take a mere one week.

Laser whitening is an alternative to gel whitening. This form of teeth whitening has been popularly referred to as power whitening. This is normally done by first applying a bleaching product on teeth then shining a laser light over it. This activates whitening. The process takes an approximated time of one hour.

All professionally registered dentists can offer teeth whitening services. Dental therapists and hygienists can also offer teeth whitening once prescribed by a dentist. There are major risks posed by salon teeth whitening and home kits. These include the fact that the whitening gel offered may not be effective. At the same time, mouth guard provided may not fit completely or properly. This means some gel may leak onto the gums and mouth consequently causing sensitivity and blistering.

It is not everybody however who qualifies to receive teeth whitening treatment. A dentist is the one who determines whether one is qualified to receive the treatment. Some people such as those suffering from crowns or gum disease are not suited to undertake teeth whitening. Teeth whitening also doesn’t work on false teeth.

Teeth whitening is not a permanent process. It can last up to 3 years or merely months. It varies in different individuals. Over time, the teeth will be stained by elements such as coffee, tea or red wine. Before undertaking teeth whitening, it is recommended to explore all the possible teeth whitening alternatives before arriving to the best option.